Monday, February 15, 2010

Why move???

We had been telling our kids that we were going to move. Surprise we did it!!!!!! Ed changed careers from mechanic work to environmental work for Exterran in September of 2007. His territory is mostly Wise and some of Denton county. He drove 121 to 820 west to I35 and then to 287 everyday. As those of you know who live in the Metroplex--Loop 820 is a parking lot nearly anytime of the day. He loved his job and driving around out in the county. Exterran provides him with a truck, gas and maintenance for the truck. Ed just did not like his commute. We begin by doing long drives through Wise County and then Parker County. We first put a contract on a house in Paradise in July 2008 but we backed out as it would not appraise for what they wanted and they would not change their asking price. Second house--brand new house in Rhome--everything done and the builder could not come up with the money to close. Then we found this house which had a contract but they had to sell their home in Keller first. We were able to get into this house and keep our other house in Bedford. Now we need to finish up the Bedford house and sell it. Anyone want to buy a house in Bedford???

Valentine's Day

I do miss all the things that I did with the kids at holidays. I decided to make cupcakes for Valentine's Day. I only made about 96 cupcakes. I quess that I when a little overboard. Mark got a dozen. My brother John and family got 2 dozen. My parents got about 15 cupcakes. I was going to give some to the neighbor kids but they were not home. I know that we have kids next door as they ride their bikes to the gate to be picked up by the school bus. I will try again tomorrow. Cupcakes will freeze so Katie can have her cupcakes the next time she comes home.


We finally closed on our house here in Paradise on Thursday January 21st. Ed took off on Thursday, Friday and Monday for our move. He decided to get the biggest trailer that UHual had that the Yukon could handle. He rented it on Friday and loaded it with just my help. We left Bedford about 12:30pm and arrived here in about an hour. As we pulled up to the house, Tammy Gregg came knocking at our door. Tammy and her husband Blair went to Woodland Heights Baptist Church with us in Bedford. They moved to Boyd about 2 years ago. Their son, Matt is dating our daughter Katie. Matt goes to the University of North Texas and Katie is at Texas A & M--so a long distance relationship.
Anyway after two more trailer loads and two pickup loads all of the furniture came to Paradise. I knew that we were cramped into that house. I had to get the house in some sort of order as Luke-our oldest son and wife Stephanie and new grandbaby Calvin James were coming on January 29th from Williamsburg, Virginia. I make it!!!